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System Migration Stories: Alma & Folio

  • 16 Jun 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Virtual: Zoom link will be sent to registrants prior to the event


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Speaker: Cathy Weng (Brown University, Head of Technical Services)
Speaker: Jason Kovari (Cornell University, Director of Cataloging & Metadata Services)

A Pragmatic System Migration Slides
Cornell's FOLIO Implementation Slides 

“Systems migration”: two words that strike fear into technical services librarians everywhere. Yet NYTSL asks - what is the actual experience of migrating from one library system to another, and what does it look like for a library workplace? With this program, we present two speakers to discuss different systems which each inspired questions surrounding staff preparation, training, and roll-out. Regardless of your institution’s own migration journey, System Migration Stories seeks to demystify the process and spark conversation around one of the more pressing issues in technical services today.

A Pragmatic System Migration (Cathy Weng)

Planning and going through a major system migration could be intimidating. Learning from other institutions’ migration experience will help ease some anxiety and better prepare your own migration. Cathy will describe her experience on two Alma migration projects in two institutions (CUNY and Brown). She will also provide some training strategies to help staff learn to use the new system.

Cornell’s FOLIO Implementation: Moving into a System Under Development (Jason Kovari)

With contributions from colleagues who led different aspects of the work, Jason Kovari will discuss Cornell’s June 2021 implementation of FOLIO, an open-source Library Management System on which Cornell has contributed to development. This talk will provide an overview of the approach taken to implementation for Cornell as-a-whole with a focus on details specific to technical services.

During the COVID Pandemic, NYTSL is offering its virtual programming free of charge. However, we hope attendees will consider a recommended $5 donation which will directly compensate NYTSL panel speakers as well as offset future costs for returning to in-person programming. Alternatively, please consider supporting NYTSL by becoming a member.

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